Easy Mobile Insurance Claim Process, Zero hassle , Customer satisfaction

How to get Claim


MOBILE INSURANCE CLAIM process is a key concern area for every person. Complete Secure Solutions is the service facilitator for  Gadget / Mobile Insurance claims & we are third party claim provider, mainly we are providing Mobile Claim Insurance of  Oriental Insurance. Download our application from Google Play Store “Complete Secure Solutions” and fill the requirements.


Please find step by step Claim Process:

Step 1 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process:

Customer to call toll free Customer care no 18001371379 and report the incident within 24 hours to get Mobile Insurance Claim.

Step 2 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process:

Call Center Executive will guide about list of documents required and provide with “Claim Identification Number(CIN)”- Kit Code
List of Documents are :
• Photograph of the damaged handset (1 photo showing IMEI number clearly and the other 2 showing damages)
• Photocopy of original bill on Claimant’s name
• KYC documents: Self-attested photo ID proof of Claimant
• Insurance Claim Form completely filled and duly signed by the Claimant
• Incident report
• Canceled Cheque.

Step 3 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process :

C.S.Sol Gadget Secure Service Coordinator will contact the customer and guide him to nearest Authorized Service Center.

Step 4 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process  :

Authorized Service Center will upload documents on portal along with repair estimate for insurance approval.
Step 5 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process :
If case is approved the handset is repaired and the customer will be intimated about the delivery date.
Step 6 for Mobile Insurance Claim Process:
If case is rejected, the customer is informed via SMS.
In case of Partial Loss Claim, Customer need not pay anything (zero percent depreciation)

Mobile Insurance Claim Process in a case of  Total Loss :

Broken Mobile Phone

Broken Smartphone

In a case of total loss, Company will deduct depreciation value from the total invoice value of the handset after that remaining amount will be transferred to customer’s account.

Depreciation percentage as par  number of day :
Mobile Phone Damage within 0-90 Days  Depreciation will be 15%
                                                    91-180 Days                                     25%
                                                    181 Days & Above                          45%
Depreciation slab can change as per discretion of insurance company subject to prior intimation to the customer, details of same will be updated on application and website.