Smartphone Insurance / Handset Insurance / Gadget Insurance
  • Mobile Phone is one of Important gadget in your Life. So need to Protect it
  • Your Phone is a part of your Fun movement , So need to Protect it
  • Your Phone is not only a Gadget , it's give Smile on your Face, It capture your Happy moment. So need to Protect it

Complete Secure Solutions isn't only providing Mobile Insurance, its a peace of mind.

Crack Phone Screen

Crack Phone Screen

.Cracked phone screens sometimes seem inevitable. We are allowing our customers freedom from a fear of Screen Damage. Our Customer's Smartphone is fully covered.

Water Damage Claim

Water Damage Claim

While working your daily day activities , you may come across that your Mobile Phone may come into contact of water & no Phone company is allowing their warranty for Water damage . Complete Secure Solutions is allowing their customer to secure their Smartphone from Water Damage

Phone Theft

Phone Theft

Now a days Phone Theft is quite a common problem . As you know that Second hand Mobile phone market is increasing & it is nearly 400 Crore. It really surprising approx 40% is coming through theft. So their is a need to cover your Smartphone from theft

Complete Secure Solutions is India’s emerging Largest Handset Insurance, Smartphone Insurance, iPhone, Android Phone & Laptop Insurance Provider. We are providing a Cashless mobile Insurance against Accidental/liquid Damage, Screen Crack, Any kind of Malfunction, Theft/Stolen of device. We charge LOWEST DEPRECIATION i.e.(10% p.a.) OF INVOICE/BILL VALUE in theft/stolen.

Why Gadget & Handset Insurance.

Nowadays in India Smartphones sales are increasing with a growth rate of 25% and people are ready to pay a big amount of their money sometimes even an entire month’s salary to buy a mobile phone / Smartphone. So the need of Handset Insurance is also increasing.

Penetration of Smartphone is increasing:

The growing penetration of Smartphone market in the country has also increased, it also increases cases of thefts and accidental damages.

Growth in Second-hand-mobile Phone:

The estimated market size of second-hand mobile phones in India is Rs.400 Cr., there is a good chance that all lost or stolen mobiles are resold in the grey markets of the country.

Hence in India, Mobile and Gadget Insurance Market has a huge Potential and future

The Hassle-Free Mobile Insurance:

• CSS with insurance covering your Smartphone for 1 year
• All Risk Coverage (Theft, Burglary, Liquid Damage, Physical Damage) (Note – Theft and Burglary not covered for devices costing less than Rs. 5,000)
• Policy effective immediately after filling the form on Company’s Web site ( )
• Cover also includes damage repair costs
• In cases of theft or burglary or damaged beyond repair, the claim will be given on device value less depreciation.

Settling Your Claim is Easy:
• Easy settlements with a fast turnaround time
• All Claims: 95% within 21 days
• Cashless Claims: Approval for repair within 48 hours
• Cashless damage cover: Processed within 10 days
• Dedicated toll-free customer support handling 5000 calls per month
• Industry’s only end to end online claim and service management system.



India’s Most Trusted Handset Insurance.